Our offer

Comprehensive execution of the petrol stations

We build and modernize fuel stations. In addition, we manufacture and install a full range of devices that are used in car servicing both at petrol stations and in car depots.

Our offer includes:

  • comprehensive implementation of new fuel stations,
  • earthworks / construction works,
  • fueling fuel tanks,
  • laying paving stones,
  • plumbing installations,
  • electrical Installations,
  • manual / self-service car washes,
  • fuel technologies,
  • construction of cubature buildings,
  • laying a flexible Enviroflex pipe system (Total Containment certificate), Brugg, KPS, UPP,
  • construction of central heating networks,
  • electric lighting installations,
  • assembly of devices, installations and industrial apparatus,
  • tight concrete surfaces,
  • foundations for driveways, earthworks - construction of embankments,
  • all work related to the disposal of contaminated land,
  • demolition and demolition works using the blasting method and hydraulic hammer.

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